max. 365 days stay

Travel Insurance for guests from abroad staying up to 365 days

Guests from abroad staying no longer than 1 year in the European Union (Schengen Agreement), Switzerland or Liechtenstein, can find a widespread insurance coverage from here.

The incoming insurance products are designed for all kinds of trips - no matter, if you are staying in Europe on a private trip, business trip or e.g. if you take up your study. Also German emigrants can take out their insurance policy for a visit to their home country, if living permanently abroad (not in Germany) for at least two years.

premium per day
health insurance
up to 65 years
66 - 75 years
1.70 €
3.50 €
accident- & liability insurance
up to 65 years
66 - 75 years
0.15 €
0.20 €


Benefits of Health Insurance:

  • Cost of outpatient treatment according to physicans' scale of charges (according to no. 437/M (laboratory costs) up to 1,15 fold. According to sections A/E/(technical performances) up to 1,8 fold. Other cases up to 2,3 fold)
  • medically prescribed medicines and dressings 100%
  • medically prescribed massages, medical packages and inhalations up to 300 € per year
  • medically prescribed adjuvants following an accident 100%
  • cost of outpatient treatment according to dentists' scale of charges  2,3 fold
  • painkilling dental treatment / restoring function of dentures up to 600 € per year
  • pregnancy check-ups and treatment 100%
  • delivery after a waiting period of 8 months 100%
  • cost of in-patient treatment in multiple-bedded room 100%
  • transportation to in-patient treatment 100%
  • reparation/funeral costs up to 10,000 €
  • excess per insured event: 25 €

Accident Insurance:

  • in the event of death 5,000 €
  • in case of invaliditiy 25,000 € (doubled if 90% or more)

Liability Insurance:

  • lump sum cover for personal injuries & damage on property 1,5 million €

(Insurance Company: HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG)